Tablib: Pythonic Tabular Datasets

Release v0.11.3. (Installation)

Tablib is an MIT Licensed format-agnostic tabular dataset library, written in Python. It allows you to import, export, and manipulate tabular data sets. Advanced features include, segregation, dynamic columns, tags & filtering, and seamless format import & export.

>>> data = tablib.Dataset(headers=['First Name', 'Last Name', 'Age'])
>>> map(data.append, [('Kenneth', 'Reitz', 22), ('Bessie', 'Monke', 21)])

>>> print data.json
[{"Last Name": "Reitz", "First Name": "Kenneth", "Age": 22}, {"Last Name": "Monke", "First Name": "Bessie", "Age": 21}]

>>> print data.yaml
- {Age: 22, First Name: Kenneth, Last Name: Reitz}
- {Age: 21, First Name: Bessie, Last Name: Monke}

>>> data.xlsx
<censored binary data>


National Geographic, Digg, Inc, Northrop Grumman, Discovery Channel, and The Sunlight Foundation use Tablib internally.

Greg Thorton
Tablib by @kennethreitz saved my life. I had to consolidate like 5 huge poorly maintained lists of domains and data. It was a breeze!
Dave Coutts
It’s turning into one of my most used modules of 2010. You really hit a sweet spot for managing tabular data with a minimal amount of code and effort.
Joshua Ourisman
Tablib has made it so much easier to deal with the inevitable ‘I want an Excel file!’ requests from clients...
Brad Montgomery
I think you nailed the “Python Zen” with tablib. Thanks again for an awesome lib!

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